Golf simulator ‘heal stick’ that enhances ball distance and form at once

Without swinging skills earned from practice, you may not get satisfactory results. There is a swinging practice equipment practice power swing to enhance ball distance and accurate sense of rhythm. Released in 2015, Heal Stick was developed with professional golfers participating for the development stage. Heal Stick is made using the principles of science of golf swings by supplementing previously made swinging practice equipment. Also, as it allows the use of both sides of the grip with different weight applications, it is capable of multi-training. If you grab the yellow green grip part, you may practice power swinging to enhance ball distance. On the other hand, grabbing the blue grip allows accurate swinging form practice as the magnet inside the shaft shifts to make a sound effect. Also, it could be used for other various exercises including putting exercise, pectoralis or core muscle strengthening, and lower body muscle enhancement.