Becoming an expert in putting with indoor simulator golf

Putting failure after putting the ball on green, makes it hard to maintain your score ruins the previous ‘good shots’. Golfers with such experience can improve distance and direction control. Since indoor simulator golf automatically displays uphill, downhill, and left/right slopes, it may help you find your own stroke rhythm. Especially, you can practice your putting by distance using the putting exercise mode of Golfzone. By repeating 5m, 10m, 15m exercises, your body will remember the feeling of the right touch. One caution. Although screen golf automatically displays the slope, most golfers try to put while twisting their body without position key adjustments. This is wrong behavior. Due to the foothold set parallel, users unconsciously close or open their putting stance. You should set your body parallel to the foothold and adjust the position key in order to block bad habits from forming